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Hot real estate market fuels growth of niche investments

The Globe and Mail

Brice Scheschuk is a fan of investing in private real-estate securities. He likes that they don’t move in tandem with stock markets and can offer unique profit opportunities.

In his personal portfolio, he holds units in Central Condominium Real Estate Investment Trust, which owns 68 rental units in three downtown Toronto condo buildings. Helped by a hot housing market, the value of this private REIT has risen by about 40 per cent since its launch two years ago. It also pays a quarterly distribution.

“This REIT has performed spectacularly,” says the 47-year-old chief executive officer of the Toronto-based investment firm Globalive Capital Inc., which also owns units in the trust. “The condo REIT has a bunch of characteristics that I don’t think I could have replicated in the public markets.”

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